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juli 07, 2004

The Wisdom of Blogs

Häromveckan skrevs lite om James Surowiecki och dennes bok The Wisdom of Crowds.

Blogger-utvecklaren Biz Stone skriver i Blogger Knowledge mer om boken, speciellt om kopplingen till bloggar: The Wisdom of Blogs:

Två citat:

Every day, aggregators collect the diverse, decentralized opinions contained within blog posts and organize them. In the case of Blogdex, posts are put into a numbered list based on popularity. Popularity is measured by how many times a particular news story or web page has been linked to. These links are essentially votes in an ongoing campaign to elect information that is interesting, helpful, or enlightening. Instead of answering "How many jelly beans are in the jar?" the blog crowd is answering the unasked question, "What is worth my attention on the Web?"
So the next time you dash off something about your favorite local diner, offer up a two-line movie review, or simply write: "I'm going to Nepal so I can farm in the nude" in your blog and think that your voice is not as strong as it should be — think again. Not every individual post has to be a masterpiece. Does the lone bird see the cohesive beauty of the flock, but this fact remains: the whole is greater than the sum of all it's parts. As a blogger, you are both an individual force and a neuron in the giant, interconnected mind that is the blogosphere. Yes, it sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but it's all true.

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