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Gecode version 3.7.3 released

Gecode version 3.7.3 has been released.

From the ChangeLog:
This release fixes some small bugs in the FlatZinc interpreter and library.
  • Gecode/FlatZinc
    • Additions
      • Added mzn-gecode scripts for conveniently solving MiniZinc models using the Gecode FlatZinc interpreter. (minor)
    • Other changes
      • Removed the print command line option. Instead, for optimization problems, using -a will print all solutions, while not using -a will only print the last one. This is consistent with the G12 FlatZinc command line interface. (minor)
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed "largest" variable selection strategy for set variables. (minor, thanks to Marco Correia)
      • Fixed the parser for set literals. (minor, thanks to Thibaut Feydy)
      • Integer variables with empty domains result in unsatisfiable models instead of an error message. (minor)
      • Support 0-length array declarations. (minor)