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Common constraint programming problems

When learning a new constraint programming system I tend to start to model some 17 "learning models" (base models). I have implemented these in all 7 constraint programming system I've learned so far (with some few exceptions).

Common Constraint Programming Problems
But there are many other problems that have been implemented in more than one system. These "common problem" are now collected on the new page Common Constraint Programming Problems. "Common" is defined as a problem that has been implemented in at least two systems. Right now there are 126 common problems consisting of 364 implemented models.

Please note that this page is generated and may contain some peculiarities.

Number of implemented models
While speaking of statistics, here is the (approximate) number of models implemented so far in each constraint programming system:

* MiniZinc: 560
* Comet: 142
* ECLiPSe: 110 (*)
* Gecode: 45
* Gecode/R: 27
* Choco: 18
* JaCoP: 18

Total: Approx. 920 models

(*) Right now, my focus is on ECLiPSe so this number will probably increase during the next weeks.