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JaCoP (Java Constraint Programming solver) is a constraint programming system in Java created by Radoslaw Szymanek and Krzysztof Kuchcinski. More information about the system is presentented at the Wiki.

JaCoP is open source and can be fetched from Download JaCoP.

Download via SourceForge: jacop-solver.



My JaCoP models

Below are some of my models for JaCoP version 2.*.

Explanation and references are in each specific file. Many of these models are translated from my MiniZinc models. Please note that some of the models use the helper class

My JaCoP/Scala models

JaCoPinScala is a Scala wrapper for JaCoP. Download from Sourceforge
Some of my models has been collected at my JaCoP/Scala page.
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