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oktober 15, 2004

Computational trust, trust metrics etc

Några länkar om trust metrics, computational trust etc, bl.a. via Yahoo-gruppen trustcomp:
A group on computational trust, trust management, trust/risk engines, trustworthy recommenders, trust-based collaborative filtering, confidence in recognition, technical trust, user trust, network/web of trust, trust metrics analysis, trade-off between privacy and trust.

Se även trustcomp.org.

Först två kuro5hin-artiklar från 2003 resp 2002.

Notes Toward a Moderation Economy:
Whether you call it Mojo, Karma, "Standing," or something else, all content rating feedback systems have some sort of currency. While there are many different ways of acquiring and spending such capital, nobody seems to have implemented an economy varied enough to be robust. And this is the key to building a system which can be stable in the long term.

Pondering Digital Reputations:
Our reputation may affect our lives more than any other identity construct we have. Anonymity, Pseudonymity, and other such constructs are ultimately all methods to deal with the effects of reputation. Digital Identity will create Digital Reputations, and how technology handles this has very significant privacy and security implications...

Sedan lite annat.

Trust metrics Wiki

Advogato's trust metric: The basic trust metric evaluates a set of peer certificates, resulting in a set of accounts accepted. These certificates are represented as a graph, with each account as a node, and each certificate as a directed edge. The goal of the trust metric is to accept as many valid accounts as possible, while also reducing the impact of attackers.


Trust metrics' Journal (inte speciellt aktiv)

Russell Hardin: The Street-Level Epistemology of Trust (PDF)

Alfarez Abdul Rahman, Trust and Reputation Research

Zoran Despotovic, Karl Aberer: Trust and Reputation Management in P2P Networks (PDF slides).

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