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CP-2013: The Conference Day 3 (Thursday)

Thursday, Day 3

Today was an exciting and hectic day. It started with Pascal Van Hentenryck and Laurent Michel presented Objective-CP, a CP system (in progress) built in Objective-C. It looked very versatile and flexible so it will be really fun testing it, even though I haven't written a single line of code in Objective-C. (Right after I read the paper I ordered a book in Objective-C just to be prepared.)

One other talk I enjoyed very much today was Tias Guns ACP Doctoral Research Award talk: "Declarative Pattering Mining Using Constraint Programming". The system he built is CP4IM (which I tested some year ago and it's impressive work).

I have to admit that I skipped some of the other talks since I was preparing (both mentally and technically) for the penultimate event of the day, namely:

The hectic part of the day was the competition (formally: First International Lightning Model and Solve Competition), since I was one of the organizers, together with Peter Stuckey and with a huge amount of technical/practical help by Farshid Hassani Bijarbooneh. Peter wrote the problems and the checkers for the problems and I wrote the framework for reading the submission files (in MiniZinc data format, .dzn) to be fed into Peter's checkers. (I also wrote code for detecting if any of the teams should trying to "beat the system" in certain ways, but all the teams behaved very honourably).

It was a fun competition, although perhaps a bit too hard problems. Later on - I'm not sure when hopefully this Friday or Saturday - we will publish the problems somewhere so anyone can see what the teams was exposed to. I will of course then blog about it. Later: And here are the problems (with some corrections by Peter): cp2013_competition_20130919.pdf (PDF). I also think that the rules can be interesting to read: cp2013_competition_rules_20130919.pdf.

Here is the table of the teams that got at least one point, i.e. submitted at least one correct solution. There where four teams - not mentioned below - that didn't got any points. In all there where 10 competing teams.
IdTeamPointsTeam membersMedal
7Mano71 (Competition winner! )Allan Van Gelder, Ian Gent, Ian MiguelGold
4Be Cool and Friends57 Pierre Schaus, Renauld Hartert, Jean-Noël MonetteSilver
8CO447 Valentin Mayer-Eichberger, Johannes Waldemann, Sebastian WillBronze
1Lazy Guy39 Andreas Schutt, Thibault Feydy, Geoffrey Chu-
5Monash26 Kevin Leo, Guido Tack, Christopher Mears-
10Other6 Gabriel Hjort Blinell, Roberto Castaņeda Lozano, Mohammed Siala-

Congratulations to the medallists! And especially to the winners: team Mano, who - interestingly enough - solved the problems only by hand (as indicated by their team name).

And thanks to all the other teams that attended the competition!

After the competition it was a very pleasant Banquet Dinner, with lots of interesting discussions as well as both formal and not so formal speeches.

Handshakes (with the people I've had just e-contacts with before) : Andreas Schutt, David Rijsman, Ian Miguel.

Tomorrow, I'm especially looking forward to the invited talk about ASP by Torsten Schaub. (I tested ASP somewhat some year ago: see My ASP page; it's quite fun to model in ASP, different and fun.). Another talk that will be interesting is Ozgur Akgun who will talk about "Automated Symmetry Breaking and Model Selection in Conjure".