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JSR-331 is now an official standard

Jacob Feldman wrote in JSR-331 is now an official standard!:
JSR-331 successfully passed the Final Approval Ballot. The JCP Executive Committee that includes representatives of IBM, RedHat, Fujitsu, Intel, SAP, Eclipse, HP, and others voted “Yes” on the Final Release that we submitted in January. Nobody voted “No” or “Abstained”. I even received personal emails from representatives of Oracle and Twitter who apologized for missing the voting deadline – they congratulated us and wrote they would vote “Yes” too.


We currently have 3 working JSR-331 implementations based on these open-sourced CP solvers: Choco, JaCoP, and Constrainer. Several more CP vendors expressed their intention to provide JSR-331 implementations too. I expect that this year we will receive and make publicly available implementations from these teams:

IBM CP Optimizer (Jean-Francois Puget and Paul Shaw)
Cream (Naoyuki Tamura)
JSetL (Federico Bergenti)
JOpt (Nick Coleman).

Also see: I tested a beta version of JSR-331 a while ago and implemented my standard "learning models". I like this framework, but I haven't yet adapted all my models to the final version so it's a forthcoming project to blog about it in more details. (Two of my models are included in the distribution: YoungTableaux.java and WhoKilledAgatha.java.)