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Gecode version 3.7.2 released

Gecode version 3.7.2 has been released. It can be downloaded here.

From the Changelog:
Changes in Version 3.7.2 (2012-02-27)

This release fixes several small bugs.

  • Kernel
    • Additions
      • Added Archive operators for floats and doubles. (minor)
  • Finite domain integers
    • Other changes
      • Throw exception of type OutOfLimits instead of Exception when numerical arguments to sequence constraint are out of range. (minor)
    • Bug fixes
      • Added missing pruning to cumulative edge finding propagator. (minor, thanks to Joseph Scott)
      • Fixed sorted constraint to accept zero-length arrays. (minor, thanks to Kish Shen)
      • Added some missing propagation when posting a channel constraint between an array of Boolean variables and an integer variable. (minor, thanks to Kish Shen)
    • Performance improvements
      • Posting a reified dom constraint on IntVars with an assigned control variable does not create propagators any more, but updates the domain immediately. (minor)
  • Finite integer sets
    • Bug fixes
      • The element constraint with SOT_UNION and IntSetArgs reported subsumption too early, resulting in incorrect propagation. (major, thanks to Denys Duchier)
  • Minimal modeling support
    • Bug fixes
      • The BoolExpr default constructor did not properly initialize its members, causing crashes. (minor)
  • Script commandline driver
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed rounding for printing the runtime (for example, 1:60:56.157 could be printed...). (minor, thanks to Serge Le Huitouze)
      • Fixed time output for times with zero minutes but nonzero hours. (minor, thanks to Jan Kelbel)
  • Gecode/FlatZinc
    • Bug fixes
      • Export RTTI symbols for the FlatZinc AST so that it can be used by client code. (minor)
      • Do not crash when encountering undefined identifier as constraint argument. (minor, thanks to Nicholas Tung)
  • General
    • Additions
      • Gecode now compiles on NetBSD. (minor, thanks to Adam Russell)
      • Added a macro GECODE_VERSION_NUMBER that is defined as x*1000000+y*100+z for Gecode version x.y.z. (minor, thanks to Denys Duchier)