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Gecode version 3.7.1 released

Gecode version 3,7,1 released. Download.

From the Changelog:
Changes in Version 3.7.1 (2011-10-10)

This release fixes several bugs, upgrades to MiniZinc version 1.4, and features some minor improvements.

  • Search engines
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed a bug that crashed the single-thread branch-and-bound search engine when initialized with a failed space. (minor)
  • Finite domain integers
    • Additions
      • Added efficient propagators for n-ary Boolean xor and equivalence (as they are now primitive in MiniZinc). (minor)
      • Domain consistency for simple counting constraints can be switched off. (minor, thanks to Kish Shen)
    • Other changes
      • The semantics of n-ary Boolean implication has been changed (to the more convential reading): rel(home, BOT_IMP, x, y) where x is an array of Boolean variable now assumes implication to be right associative. See MPG for explanation. (minor)
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed bugs in the computation of the required precision (int or double) for linear propagation, and in division operations of scale views. These could cause an incorrect treatment of overflow in linear constraints. (major)
    • Performance improvements
      • Domain consistent distinct runs 10-20% faster. (minor)
  • Finite integer sets
    • Bug fixes
      • Do not use SharedArray<IntSet> in the set element constraints, because it does not properly udpate the IntSet during copying. This could cause memory corruption. (major)
  • Support algorithms and datastructures
    • Bug fixes
      • Compile again if threads are disabled. (minor)
  • Gist
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when double-clicking an unexplored node while move inspectors were active. (minor
  • Gecode/FlatZinc
    • Other changes
      • The FlatZinc interpreter is now compatible with the G12 MiniZinc distribution 1.4. This adds support for var and par identifiers that begin with underscores, the array_bool_xor primitive, as well as the command line option -r for specifying a random seed. (minor)
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed linear inequations over integer variables that are channeled from Boolean variables. (major, thanks to Håkan Kjellerstrand)