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Welcome to my My Constraint Programming Blog

Welcome to my My Constraint Programming Blog!

This is an extension of my "normal" swedish blog hakank.blogg, and will contain news etc about constraint programming and related paradigms. It will also link to my newly written constraint programming models.

As stated (in swedish) in Constraint programming-nyheter samt nya MiniZinc-modeller (~ Constraint programming news and some new MiniZinc models) the target group for this kind of things (especially in swedish) is quite small. Hence this new blog, and in english.

Some links as introduction to what I have done so far:
* My Constraint Programming page

* My MiniZinc page
* My JaCoP page
* My Choco page

The latter three pages contains information about the systems and some models. I regard the MiniZinc page as my main constraint programming page, since MiniZinc is - as time of writing - my favorite system.

If you know swedish, you may also read the Constraint programming category at hakank.blogg.


And we start with some new MiniZinc models written this weekend.

Three Rosetta Code programs, just to test the limits of MiniZinc.

* 99_bottles_of_beer.mzn: 99 bottles of beer
* knapsack_problem.mzn: Knapsack problem
* pyramid_of_numbers.mzn: Pyramid of numbers

And then an operations research model.
* sportsScheduling.mzn Sport scheduling, using channeling for symmetry breaking. I didn't found out how to generate the channeling matrix automatically, so a Perl one-line is used instead (contained in the model). It was inspired by the Essence' model sportsScheduling.eprime from the Tailor (Minion) distribution.