Simulation, probability theory etc

For a time, I've been interested in statistics, probability and especially simulations of the problems in those areas.

By the way, besides Java, I also and often use the very good (and free) R system for this kind of stuff. See more here about R:

Simulation Applets

Here is some of my Java simulations.

Fixed run games

All these applets use the same core applet, but with different start values. They all use the same principle of having a fixed number of games (where you may change the number of runs).

Here is some examples of its use. In all these applets you may change the probabilities, the amount of rewards/losses as well as the ante (the cost of the play). The documentation of the parameters etc is here. Any resemblance with living events, such as stock markets, is neither unintended nor purely coincedental.

Gambler's Ruin

The applet Gambler's Ruin is a simulation of the Gambler's Ruin, in which a player plays a series of games until he/she either has won some fixed specific amount or is broke. Here you may also alter the settings for the specific game.

Other stuff about simulations etc


For more about probability theory and simulations I highly recommend the online book (PDF) "Introduction to Probability", by Charles M. Grinstead & J. Laurie Snell. Go hither for more information about the book, the applets and other interesting stuff.
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