hakank's movies

Here I plan to show all my (VHS and DVD) movies. For now I just show some subset in simple text format. Later I - maybe - will show more information or just link to IMDB (http://www.imdb.com/).
(Some of them I have recorded from TV (marked as TV), but I think they should count as well...)

The main areas are:

Kung Fu / Hong Kong / Other martial arts movies

Here is a very simple list over (most of) my Kung Fu/Hong Kong/other martial arts movies.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Merlin

Computer related (hackers, crackers, etc)

Romantic Comedies (RomCom)

This genre is somewhat hard to categorize, but I do see it as a separate genre from "General comedies".

Woody Allen

General comedies

Austen and her mates

Jane Austen


Other drama

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