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A newer version of Eureqa has been released: Formulize (or Eureqa II). It can be downloaded here.

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My Formulize data sets is a Zip file containing a couple of different data files, some standard data sets and some experimental (and some very experimental):


Eureqa is a great system for equation discovery. It uses genetic programming, more specific symbolic regression to discover mathematical equations given a data set.

I have blogged some about Eureqa:

Some Eureqa links

Other articles about Eureqa


Using the Eureqa API, there is possible to write program calling the Eureqa server.

My Eureqa data sets

Here are some data sets from my - mostly very simple - experiments with Eureqa. The background of the problem and some more comments where written in the (Swedish) blog post Eureqa: equation discovery med genetisk programmering, Google translation: Eureqa: equations discovery with genetic programming.

Note that Eureqa may not have given any interesting results, e.g. for the odd parity problem where the boolean operators is missing from Eureqa.
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