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2012-09-24: Since September 2010, Tailor is no longer maintained. However, the successor of Tailor, Savile Row constraint modelling assistant can be used instead to solve the same Essence' models; perhaps with some changes (see below). For more about the Essence' modeling language, see Modelling with ESSENCE'.

The Automated Generation of Constraint Programs contains more information about Essence' (as well as ESSENCE and CONJURE).


Since September 2010, Tailor is no longer maintained (and the former link is invalid now). See
Essence'/Savile Row and My Savile Row models) for the successor or Tailor.

From the (old) Tailor page:
TAILOR is a tool that facilitates modelling and solving constraint models. TAILOR's graphical user interface (GUI) allows the user to directly solve an Essence' problem model with either solver MINION or GECODE, and is hence especially aimed at people who are novices in constraint programming or have no experience with constraint solvers Minion and Gecode. Note that TAILOR is not intended to compare solvers, but to generate effective solver input from a solver-independent problem model.
Thus, Tailor can convert Essence' models to:

Also, it can parse modeling files in XCSP files and convert them to the formats above.

2009-07-25: I blogged about Tailor/Essence' in New Tailor version (v0.3.2) and My Essence'/Tailor page

My Tailor/Essence' models

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