In this page, I have collected the general comments or notes on other pages.

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  1. Way of living
  2. Perl
  3. What is this thing called fun?

Way of living

What is a way of living? The Emacs editor is, definitely. Also The Perl Programming Language. And some more non-computoreze way of living is jogging, Zen and grunge.

But isn't everything a way of living? Shaving in front of the morning mirror, or doing the make up, walking across the street and buying the newspaper. Everything worth doing is a way worth living.

But, of course, Internet is the high-way of living.


As noted is Perl a favorite programming language of mine. One of the reasons is that it is great prototyping tool. And with a lot of interesting features:


What is this thing called fun?

What is this thing the brave men calls "fun"? I have wondered about this for years (and sometimes at night), but never reached a solution. How do we define the concept? Is there another way: trying to define what is not fun?

Well, I have to think about it.

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